With winter just around the corner, it has never been more important to protect your building from the elements. Neil Pardon, Managing Director of CSUK, provides his top five tips and simple tricks for preventing damage to your building and business from the (often-unpredictable) UK weather.

  1. Check your brickwork: During damp spells, rain water can find its way into external brickwork, which can subsequently freeze, causing small cracks and damage to a building – a costly problem to put right. Make sure to check all of your external bricks for gaps and cracks, and if found, address the problem quickly to prevent further long term structural damage.
  2. Protect pipes: Both plastic and copper pipes are at risk of freezing and even bursting in the colder weather. As a major maintenance disaster, just a 1/8-inch crack can spew up to 250 gallons of water a day, causing flooding, structural damage and even mould.

    To prevent this, look for any air leaks around fixtures and fittings (even a tiny opening can cause freezing), as well as ensuring all exposed pipes are properly insulated.
  3. Roofs and guttering: Be sure to check your building’s roof for damage, including any holes, cracks or signs of instability. Also put the time in to clearing any debris, as well as trimming any overhanging trees to prevent damage from falling branches. Regularly clean out the gutters and remove any leaves to allow ice, melting snow or rain to flow freely.
  4. Internal flooring: With the arrival of wet weather, the risk of slipping, falling or tripping significantly increases. Often overlooked, this is a major safety hazard, with the potential to cause severe injury to building occupants.

    A straightforward way to prevent this is by creating areas near building entrances for people to dry their feet on. Moisture tends to accumulate inside the entrance of the building, particularly in the wetter and colder weather, so we recommend using a heated floor dryer to minimise this risk.
  5. Forecourts and car parks: The process of scaping ice or snow from your forecourt or car park is a long and tedious process, and a quicker way to tackle the issue is by ploughing. This will ensure that the ground does not experience cracking, which can result in pot holes and an uneven and unsafe car park or forecourt.

Prior to the colder temperatures, apply friction surfacing to the areas, as this will increase the level of safety as it acts as an anti-skid; perfect for the icy weather!

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